Saturday, March 2, 2013

Celebrating Play - A WonderWorld Toys Giveaway

Last Thursday, I shared about the importance of pretend play in children's daily lives. One of the ways that my husband and I encourage it in our home is by being selective in the toys that we give Little T and Little Sir. As I say in the parenting talks that I give, not all toys are created equal.

The best toys are not those that make whirring sounds or have flashing lights. Through personal research and observation of my own little ones, I found that the best toys are those that aid pretend play and engage a child's imagination. I can't tell you how many hours my children can stay in their pretend world, washing and slicing fruits in their wooden sink, cooking and serving exotic food in their wooden dishes, and mixing coffee and tea in their wooden tea set.

Did I Say Wooden?

Yes, I did! We started hoarding wooden toys when Little T was just a baby. I would wait for warehouse sales and buy for Christmas months and months ahead. It used to be quite difficult to find high quality but affordable wooden toys. In recent years though, Wonderworld Toys has been gaining a foothold in the local market, and parents in the Philippines now have access to a great line of wooden toys, at an affordable price.

Wonderworld wooden toys are made in Thailand and are made of rubberwood. The toys are designed to promote each developmental stage, celebrating and nurturing children's milestones. I love browsing at Babysmiths, the online shop of Wonderworld's Philippine distributor. I love their toys so much that The Learning Basket also now carries some selected items (read: pretend toys!) over at the shop.

Sharing The Love With You

To celebrate pretend play and also our partnership with Wonderworld Toys as we jointly promote the value of good old-fashioned play at ExpoKid today, we are hosting a giveaway with the most wonderful prize... my children's favorite -- Wonderworld's tea time set!

Neutral in color, this tea time set is perfect for both girls and boys. Little Sir started pretending with this set when he was around 18 months old, offering me coffee or tea! I will treasure this toy forever!

To join this wonderful giveaway, just follow the Rafflecopter.

Make magic!

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patricia merced said...

Pretend play, plays a vital role for my 2 sons with speacial needs. It helps them to cope with their speech development as well as with their everyday living!- tricia

Jay Santiago said...

My toddler's favorite pretend play involves jungle animals. He is always the Jaguar, and I am the Lion, and his mom is the Mommy Jaguar. We can invent so many stories using these characters. :)

Chris Amador said...

My kids love boxes and they create their own houses, cabinets and the likes. They also love using building blocks creating streets and farm and other structures. They love pretend play!

Yuth Cope-Avellano said...

I want also to pretend play with my daughter when she gets a little older for she's only 4 months. Thank you for sharing this! :)

TrulyRichMom/TeacherMamaTina said...

We love pretend play, and you know how we hope to have a dress-up closet and more pretend play toys of our own. :) Thank you for being one of my "go-to's" when it comes to encouraging imaginative/imaginary play among my kids! :) We love Wonderworld toys, too! :)

MommyMae said...

My little girl loves pretend play.  She uses building blocks to make her own layout of the rooms, telling me that this is the kitchen, living area and bedrooms.  She also uses cookings utensils toy and doctor set pretending that she is a doctor.  Thanks for this info and about the Wonderland toys ;)

Cris said...

My two-year old toddler's version of pretend play is talking to her dolls, asking them if they've eaten already or would like to eat. Then she will prepare something for them in her toy kitchen. Or sometimes she will "prepare coffee" for us in her toy kitchen. so cute!  

Maryam_tsg14 said...

My 3 year old daughter loves to pretend play. She pretends to be a cook during luto-lutuan or fondly calls it her "cooking show" and cooks her "recipes" and let her toys taste her food. Sometimes, she pretends to be a newscaster and says "TV Patrol Caraga! Ako po si..!" At times, she even pretends that she's a mom and i'm her baby girl, and mimics what I do to her when it's time to sleep, patting her butt and humming a song to let her fall asleep.

Mary Avellana Reana said...

My two older daughters loves to pretend play also. They always play "tinda-tindahan" my youngest is the customer and the older one is the store owner. They loved to do that everyday. Sometimes they play "doctor-doctoran" one is a doctor and the other one is the nurse while the patient is their doll. I love seeing them playing together because in that part, atleast nagkakasundo sila.

Carol said...

My family loves to pretend play!   My sons like to pretend that they are preparing breakfast for me by mixing fruit juices with a loud squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.  Another sizzling sound is for the cooked pancake.  We also have lots of play money so if they want a toy, they have to "buy" it from me.  I use this to try to teach them about the value of money as well as addition and subtraction.  In our story telling sessions, we are the characters in the story.

Mommytzie said...

I want Wonderworld's tea time set!

Ciara said...

I'm not a big fan of toys that light up and play sounds.  It's quite difficult to find toys nowadays that don't require batteries.  Just like you I've already started hoarding wooden toys for my 5 month old son.  I was so thrilled to see that a certain brand of wooden toys were 50 percent off at a department store so I went crazy and bought most of the items even if they were for ages 2-3 years old.  The Wonderworld Tea Set would go along perfectly with the other pretend play toys I bought for my son.

Chips_1621 said...

have always encouraged pretend play - to a point of actually having to contain my own excitement over playing myself so i can give way to my children's uninterrupted time to be creative and imaginative (without mommy controlling the entire scenario! haha) ... i just lovet! having a freebie by one of my all time fave brand of toy is a super plus! :)