Friday, May 4, 2012

Got Milk? Tie-Dye It!

Thank you to my Shop @ The Learning Basket partner Sanne for this post! 
Sanne works three days a week and spends the rest of her time doing fun stuff 
like the one below with her Energizer Bunny. Let us know how this works for you!

Got milk?

Pour a bit of milk on a shallow plate.  

Put in a few drops of food coloring at the sides.  

Dip a cotton bud in dish washing soap and then dip it in the middle of the milk mixture.  Watch magic happen!


I've been told that this is used for adult psychotherapy and read that they use this experiment for bigger kids to discuss molecules.

My toddler enjoyed "making orange and black" with the swirling, whirling colors. 

Have fun!

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rrunson said...

tell us how it goes! :)

pep real said...

Thanks for sharing this.  That looks really awesome!  I'm sure my daughter will love this.

christine batiller said...

i would love to try this at home this weekend, it looks so much fun.  i think Lance will love this.

rrunson said...

hi hazel!  the colors will all move toward the soap, creating the tie-dye effect. it is fun seeing the colors "moving".  haven't really tried doing it with paint or other coloring materials.  might also be something you can do with older kids to open a discussion about different properties of matter, etc? :)

hazel said...

wow..this seems fun! what happens pala?heheh..nwei,will try this soon..any alternatiive to food coloring? will surely love this! :)