Monday, October 22, 2012

Have You Danced With Your Child Today?

Thank you to my friend and Shop @ The Learning Basket partner, Sanne, for this inspiring blog post about one of our shared loves: Kindermusik!

The Energizer Bunny was craving for her Kindermusik songs the other night so I put it on for her. This time, instead of just watching her, I joined in her dancing. It was so much fun! Making memories like this, while acquiring very important life skills, make me fall in love with Kindermusik week after week after week.

Creativity    Our blocks became rhythm sticks, her plastic pots and pans, cymbals. Are you as amazed as I am when our kids imagine and come up with the most creative ideas? These are the foundations to thinking out-of-the box and creative problem solving.

Gross Motor Skills And Vocabulary   We swayed and rocked and swung our arms up and down. We learned about directional words (up, down, side, right, left) and keeping control of our movements. We sway when the music is slow and run when the music is fast. Child’s play? Yes! And a very fun way of developing gross motor skills (for your future athlete?) and learning new words.

Culture   I love how Kindermusik uses music from different parts of the world. My child has been exposed to African folktales, American nursery rhymes, and traditional children’s songs from New Zealand, among others. We learn about the language, rhythm, and musical instruments from all these different countries and distinguish them from our own Philippine music, dance, and instruments.

Listening Skills   Studies have shown that early exposure to music help promote critical listening skills, as well as language and literacy, creativity and coordination. These skills are the very foundation to learning.

We were dancing and just being silly for about an hour and it remains to be one of my favorite memories with my toddler. Ditch the gym and dance with your child today! 

Have fun!
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