Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Am An Artist: Finding Art in Nature

I Am An Artist by Pat Lowery Collins is a book about finding art in nature - the lines on a leaf, the color of the sky, the star inside an apple, the roundness of an orange. It is a quiet and powerful book that encourages us to slow down and celebrate nature. It has inspired our family to notice the details wherever we go.

Finding beauty in the world around is a gift of art. Here is Little T's take on being an artist...

I am an artist when I excitedly step on a rainbow on the floor

and see animals in the sky

I am an artist when I make the shade of a tree my own house...

and its leaves my roof

I am an artist when I use coconut shells for bowls and pretend that I'm cooking some food

I am an artist when I see a tree reflected on the water and feel that its branches are waving at me as the wind blows

I am an artist when I gleefully marvel that ducks walk in a line

and that chickens shake their head from side to side when it is raining

I am an artist when I investigate the grains of sand and declare sea water to be too salty for my liking.

I am an artist.

Make magic!

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Mariel @ The Learning Basket said...

It's a lovely and inspiring book! 

sanne said...

beautiful! :)