Tuesday, October 4, 2011

St. Michael the Archangel's Feast Day: Taking the Opportunity to Learn

It is special and meaningful when we find learning inspiration from events in our lives. Last week, we took the opportunity to learn about St. Michael the Archangel as our parish prepared for the celebration of his feast day. 

STORY AND PRAYER BOOK     We didn’t have a story book about St. Michael, so, I made one. With text from the St. Michael Center and pictures from Waltzing Matilda, I arranged and printed a booklet using Microsoft Word. I included the Prayer to St. Michael at the end of our book. Now, Little T and I know the prayer by heart and can join the recitation at the end of each Mass at our parish.

ART     All of a sudden, we started noticing the sculpture of St. Michael at our parish, pictured above, as well as the different figurines of angels at home. We talked about the sword that St. Michael is holding and the devil under him.  

ARTS AND CRAFTS    Using free resources from the Internet, Little T and I made a St. Michael cake topper as well as an angel mobile that Baby Boy likes staring at. We got the coloring page of angels from Waltzing Matilda, colored it, put it on cardboard paper, and fashioned a mobile with popsicle sticks.

THEMED FEAST    On St. Michael’s actual Feast Day (September 29), we went to Mass and had our own little themed feast at home: angel hair pasta, chicken wings, and Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food Cake which we attacked with gusto.

COMMUNITY    The highlight of our week was the fiesta on October 2. Little T was one of the angels during the Mass graced by the presence of a Cardinal. Our little angel, wearing the wings that we made for Prayer for a Child and a halo, solemnly did her job. She walked quietly during the processional and offertory and stood beside the priest during Communion. It was an event that she was very excited and happy about!

Participating in our parish's activities and learning about St. Michael proved to be an interesting and meaningful experience for all of us. I don't remember any of my religion classes being this fun!


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Tita C said...

What a lovely angel! Nice tie-in to your lesson too!

mariel said...

Thank you, Tita C! Things really came together! Thank you for dropping by :)

Rkrodriguez said...

i love this!!! haha lahat ata ng post mo, i love naman! :P

Mariel said...

Ha ha! Thank you! I just saw your post today! I didn't get a notification. Maybe I have to set something at Disqus. Anyway, I can't wait for you and darling A to join the fun!