Monday, May 9, 2011

To Little T and Baby Boy on Mother's Day

Dear Little T and Baby Boy,

Today is Mother’s Day. We sang, we twirled, we had so much fun at Teacher Jeannie and Company’s  Kindermusik Family Music Festival. We had a blast, all four of us – thanks to your dad who gallantly went and stayed with us. He was absolutely itching to go home and catch Manny Pacquiao fight Shane Mosley in pay-per-view. He settled for a replay when we got home. Love!

Little T, when I told you last week that today was going to be Mother’s Day, you asked me right away when Father’s Day would be… and Kid’s Day… and Little T’s Day… and Baby Boy’s Day… and Lola’s Day… and on and on and on and on! I love you my quick, silly Little T! You make me laugh. All the time.

Baby Boy, I was SO surprised that your new pair of pants and shirt fit you already. I thought you would be wearing your onesies, tie-side shirts, and just diapers at least until you’re three. :) I thought my heart would burst looking at you looking so big and handsome in your big boy clothes and swanky sneakers that match your Papa’s. I thought I would cry when you beamed at me while I played the one-bell jingles in front of you.
Today is Mother’s Day. And I can’t be happier because we are together and I have my day’s fill of gigil hugs and kisses. When you’re grown and away and it’s Mother’s Day, I think I would be happy with just hugs and kisses. And maybe a song and a twirl across our pretend dance floor. Like what we did today. Like what we do everyday.

Time. I feel it ticking away.


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