Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make Magic: Read a Story Again and Again... and Again!

Don’t you just love cuddling with your child, with her head on the crook of your arm while you read her a story? I do.

Until she says “again (please)!” And I read again… and again… and again… until my throat hurts so much that I beg her to let me rest.

Saving My Voice and Sanity
Today, I would like to share with you how I save my voice and sanity for a few moments every time Little T is determined to have a reading marathon: I play our collection of homemade audio books. We have quite a collection! Some are of just me reading, some are of me with Little T punctuating a sentence, and some are of Little T “reading” a book she has memorized. My favorite, though, is of Wonderful G reading and singing a favorite potty book.

Digital Keepsake
Our personal recordings are practical, fun, and are digital keepsakes to boot. With just a cell phone or an mp3 player, you too can easily make magic with audio books that you can just turn on when your little one is begging for “one more please.” Here are four quick steps:

  1. Go to the bathroom. Yup! The bathroom lends itself well as a recording studio.
  2. From your cell phone, choose a sound clip that you can use as cue to turn the page. Ding!
  3. Begin reading and exaggerate your voice. Remember to play your chosen sound cue whenever you turn the page.
  4. Cuddle and watch your child’s face as you listen to the recording together.

What story do you read all the time that you would like to make into an audio book?

Make Magic!
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1 comment:

Tita C said...

Wish I had this idea before! :)