Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Learning Basket

From top left: Five in a Row, some of our books, costume box,
CDs, musical instruments, toys and games, The Learning Basket

Each week, I organize in our Learning Basket the materials that we would need: our main book from Before Five in a Row's book list, go-along books, board games, stuffed toys, CDs, sidewalk chalk, costume, musical instrument, etc. Sometimes, Little T thinks of something related to what we're doing, and in it goes, at any day of the week.

Our black wire-mesh basket, though wonderful, cannot quite contain all that we need to learn and have fun: trips, arts and crafts (we have a separate organizer for that!), friends! The Learning Basket then is the sum of our adventures that spring from and are propelled by the actual, physical basket brimming with books and things.


The foundation of our basket is Before Five In A Row, a "treasury of creative ideas that inspire learning readiness." You have to find out why we love it so much in Before Five in a Row: Our Main Learning Basket

We often use songs from Kindermusik to supplement our lessons. Little T has been enrolled since she was ten months old and I have been a U.S. licensed Kindermusik educator since 2009. You bet it's a mainstay in our basket. :)

Other sources of the contents of our Learning Baskets are our costume box, new and pre-owned books and toys, musical instruments from Kindermusik, Homeschool Share and other wonderful Internet resources, and my sister's extensive collection of children's books and educational materials that she so generously shares with us. Field trips, physical activities, play dates with cousins and friends round out our learning experience.

Join us as we explore the world, one Learning Basket at a time. Click on Our Learning Baskets for our adventures!


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