Sunday, May 1, 2011

First and Best Teacher

Little T's teacher from the very beginning :)
When Little T was a baby, I religiously checked developmental milestones every month.  I bought or made toys for different areas of development, and coached (okay, harassed) our Yaya on what to do with her whenever I was out. Our daily routine, then as now, was planned to have music, books, and a lot of play time.

As Little T entered that age where family, friends, and even strangers were asking where she went or where she was going to school, I found myself researching on what is out there. I considered several preschools, and even thought several times that a particular school or method was for us. Things changed when I stumbled onto homeschooling.

Reading and reflecting about the possibility excited me. Little T learning at home, by my side, in a relaxed, unhurried way appealed to me immensely. After all, I have been her teacher from the moment of her birth. I am eager to witness her person continue to unfold before me in an environment of love, play, discovery, and exploration.

My husband and I do not wish to enter Little T into the race that early childhood has now become. We are convinced that staying at home and being allowed to explore the world in her own terms is the best education we can give her at this time of her life. She is just three.

Homeschooling beyond preschool fascinates us but it will have to be thought of, prepared for, and prayed about when the time comes. For now, Little T’s preschool is right here at home, with her first and best teacher – me. :)


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Chris said...

congratulations mariel, for taking the road less traveled! :)

Ianne Calatrava- Valenzuela said...

Parents will always be their kids' first and best teacher..