Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome To Our Advent-Themed Playroom!

Welcome to our playroom that has been decorated for Advent! This is the place where my kids, Little T and Little Sir, stay during the day. Come take a peek!

This is our Advent Calendar that we bought from National Bookstore for only P100! In the pockets peeking out are our Jesse Tree ornaments crafted by my friend Sanne, Little T's ninang (godmother) and my bookshop partner! (Thank you Ninang Sanne!)

This is our Jesse Tree Table. It's actually a Lego-table which I covered with a "Christmas-sy" vinyl table cloth. 

Take a closer look and you'll see our Bible storybooks as well as some activities for Little T: a faith-based workbook called My Heavenly Helper, which will go well with all the Bible stories we will be reading during the season. The two boxes that you see are Christmas craft kits: a do-it-yourself Nativity Scene, and a do-it-yourself ornaments kit. I'm sure there are lots of free resources online that you can download and print to go along with your Advent activities too!

Here is another Advent calendar. It closes into a book, and was the first one that Little T opened on December 1. The gifts in one of the shelf's cubbyholes are some of the teeny tiny books that Little Sir will open soon. The books are too small for our front-facing shelf!

This is our wooden table which I make sure to cover with a table cloth lest Little Sir decides to paint it! Little T, in this picture, is making her own ornaments. We had a lovely quiet time doing it together yesterday while listening to some Advent music.

And this is their iPod, a recent addition to our playroom, "donated" by their Angkong (grandfather). We are now listening to the Advent collection of Making Music Praying Twice and I'll be putting other Christmas albums in the iPod too. (You can ask Making Music Praying Twice for a download option of their albums for a cheaper price.)

We have a bed in another corner of the room for their afternoon naps and some cuddling time together. We got a few (well, okay just two!) "Chrismas-sy" pillows.

And lastly, this is our bookshelf with all our Christmas books! All those nights wrapping each one were worth it when Little T declared after opening the books on December 1: "I can't wait to wake up tomorrow!"

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I hope you got some inspiration for your family's Advent activities too. 

Make magic!

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Mary Ellen King said...

Great room!! :-)

Chris said...

well done! :D

Mariel @ The Learning Basket said...

Thanks Chris! :) All out for our kids, right? :)

Mariel @ The Learning Basket said...

Thanks! It's such a happy place :)