Thursday, September 8, 2011

Watching Nature Unfold In A Pot

As part of our Carrot Seed activities in which  we made the color orange, we planted several monggo or mung bean seeds. We put the seeds in a small pot and watched as the seeds sprouted and grew - fast.

Five days after we planted the seeds, we already had some healthy leaves and were able to transfer the plant to the ground. Planting is a simple project that demonstrates the beauty and magic in nature. Everyday, we excitedly visit our monggo plant and watch nature unfold before our eyes.

This is why I love homeschooling and Before Five in a Row. My daughter learns gently and naturally - as I do. Several months back, we read Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear. We planted sunflower seeds and marveled at the flower that bloomed after two months of waiting.

A pot, some seeds, and a healthy dose of wonder can go a long way in teaching children about the world.

Make magic!

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